Battlelords of the 23rd Century – LITE

Battlelords of the 23rd Century is one of those games that is presented as slightly gonzo and cheesy. Yet, it has a solid setting that makes a decent amount of sense and a system that scales better than RIFTS across the same scope. It is old-school in that you have to add and subtract numbers greater than 20 in one pass, be able to choose values from large tables of numbers, and combat is pretty darn lethal.

So I figured why not cut down the crunch and try streamline it… and I did.

Here’s a PDF of a way to play Battlelords of the 23rd Century as a LITE version. You will still need all the books for gear, species, and setting information.

Battlelords of the 23rd Century – LITE

More Battlelords of the 23rd Century RPG Stuff

An example of Battlelords cityscapes, by Michael O.

I have added more Battlelords Stuff to the page. Updated the weapons PDF, armour PDF, added two adventure resources. First one is a STALKER game tribute mini-capaign for Battlelords. Download links for the adventure resources are also put down here.

Listrom STALKER Tribute

The players are sponsored to retrieve an artifact from Listrom in Gharick sector. Characters will be challenged by rival groups, bandits, faction conflicts, and even HALs as they try to find a matrix-like artifact in the exclusion zone on Listrom.

Ghanifred Mining Consortium Campaign

A handful of you that have read my stuff may have picked up on the seeds of this one from the Draco Illustrated Galaxy Guide and/or the Gharick Sector guide. Here is a bullet-point form of a campaign guide with key-events and some complications to introduce. Better suited for the GM who does not require everything laid out and is happy to improvise & expand on other ideas.

More Battlelords of the 23rd Century RPG Stuff

X52 Pro HOTAS Hangs Windows

X52 Pro HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) is a decent quality piece of gaming equipment at its price point. It has a good finish, responds well, and is easily configurable. There are other premium HOTAS and stick products that are better, and you will pay for them… three times as much for a Thrustmaster Warthog and five times as much for a Virpil mongoose stick and throttle. VKBSim make fantastic sticks but some of us cannot justify $700 on just the stick (May 2020).

X52 Pro competes with X56 Rhino which emulates the A-10 split throttle HOTAS of the Warthog and has a more militaristic styling with switch protection rails and no screens on the base.

Some of us have found the X52 will hang windows at various times, particularly on shut-down or restart. This is caused by the LogiRegistryService.exe failing to respond to Windows commands. The error states the faulting module is ntdll.dll but that is the one giving the command and it doesn’t have a way to process the LogiRegistryService failing its part.

So, what do we do about it?

We disable the service. Based on its name Logitech doesn’t really need a report on what our computers are doing all the time and if it was serious it would make damned sure the software doing it would not cause user issues.

  1. Open Services. You can find this under settings, or open the Run box and type “services.msc”.
  2. Find Logitech Gaming Registry Service.

3. Disable the service. Left-click on the entry so it is selected (highlighted) and then right-click on it to bring options menu. Click on “Disable”. Alternatively can double-click on the service entry and it will bring up properties. Then click the Disable button.

Now that it done you know how to undo it if it fails for you. Test it out by shutting down or restarting your PC. Now it works as it should!

X52 Pro HOTAS Hangs Windows

PC Build Guide–The things they don’t tell you about RAM

There are lots of PC build guides out on the web. There are lots of things they do not tell you, too.

So what are these things?

Let’s break it down to the main one.

How to choose fast RAM.

Your CPU is the foundation of everything else. If it is slow the rest is slow. Get the fastest CPU you can afford. Less cores is okay unless you are using well optimised programs with extensible mult-threading.
What does that mean?
Can you software use all available threads? If yes, then lots of cores and threads will be fine. If no, then it won’t help much having a 16 core 32 thread CPU.

The first bottle-neck!

Between your CPU and RAM is the first bottleneck. This is overcome with "True Latency".

True latency is measure in nanoseconds for RAM. We want to get this under 10ns.

"But nanoseconds don’t matter. You won’t notice them!"

"We will when the difference is multiplied by a billion – which is the number of CPU cycles per second!"

The rule-of-thumb with RAM Is getting the best true latency for your dollar. Ideally this is under 10, or under 9.

How to figure out true latency.

The back-of-napkin calculation will be given but first we have to define some terms.

RAM speed is often referred to in MHz.

RAM CAS latency, or CL, is given in number of cycles. This is usually a value between 14 and 20.

So if we pick some ram it might have these attributes.


CAS (or CL) 16.

…and a bunch of other things we will ignore.

The steps

3200Mhz is the speed.

16 is the latency.

To figure true latency:

1) Divide speed by 2.


2) Divide that by 100.


3) Divide CL by the figure at number 2.

4) If it’s equal to 1 then you get 10 nanoseconds.

Otherwise use this formula.

frequency/200 = a
cas = c
1/(a/c) = true latency

So here’s some examples:

3200 C14.

16/14 = ~1.14

1 / ~1/14

8.75 nanoseconds.


3600 C16

18/16 = 1.125


8.8888* nanoseconds


4200 C20

21/20 =  1.05

9.5 nanoseconds

PC Build Guide–The things they don’t tell you about RAM

Getting rid of NVidia entries in Manage 3D Settings

NVidia control panel can help solve issues and improve performance with 3D applications. However, it has some lazy bugs in it like graying out the “remove” application button in “Manage 3D settings”.


You do not need to download anything like random driver cleanup programs to get rid of this. You can do it with “regedit”.

Start up regedit.

Either click start and type “regedit” or go to the run box and put it in there.

Once you are in the Registry Editor be careful and do not delete anything unless you are sure. It will not prompt you to make sure an the wrong thing can ruins your Windows install.

Search (CTRL + F, or Edit… Search) for “NvCplAppNamesStored”.

It ought to be the only entry (see below):


The HKEY is below for power-users.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak\NvCplAppNamesStore\

In the panel on the right, find what you do not want, select it (check it is the correct one) and press the delete key.

It’s gone.

Exit Registry Editor and exit NVidia Control Panel.

NVidia have kindly made the Control Panel restart automatically so you will not have to do it.

Check your Manage 3D Settings and the entry will be gone.

Getting rid of NVidia entries in Manage 3D Settings