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Starting to focus on cheering myself up more. Bought a computer game and reading more RPG material. Echoes of Heaven has a great appeal to me.

Check it out here – Echoes of Heaven
Buy it here – Final Redoubt Press – Store

Also been thinking about my ‘system’ a bit. It’s main mechanic of CRT (Critical Rating Threshold) seems to be my big attractions. I want to make it elegant in the sense that it scales with damage and the target (owner of the CRT attribute).

To explain the mechanic: CRT is a function of a few stats & modifiers. Stats to do with robustness, pain-threshold, damage resistance and size. Find out what a human average is (for example: 3). Any time that human takes damage of 4 or more they have critical damage. I extend that concept with the amount of points about the CRT the more severe the critical damage. So a 6 point attack is 3 points above the CRT, or a 3-point critical.

Then I start toying with what the x-point criticals actually do. The idea of damage type dictating the effects appeals at the moment but I figure it would add complexity even more. Imagine blunt criticals are 80% reduction to activity (penalties to all actions), 15% permanent damage and 5% bleeding. All types of damage could be split by percentile effects. Perhaps piercing, 50% reduction to activity, 25% bleeding and 25% permanent damage.  Slashing might be 60% reduction to activity, 20% bleeding and 20% permanent damage (evulsions and so on). It could get messier with the way the damage effects are inflicted being altered by skill level.  Then it might as well be tabled like Rolemaster (which I quite like). My distaste with Rolemaster is the pure luck of the critical strike resolution process. Any knob with a weapons is as effective as any expert with a weapon in terms of the resolution of the critical strike.

This brings me to a conceptual house rule that I haven’t really expanded upon. The idea that the critical effects should start quite high in number, say the normal 01-05 result actually starts at 80-85. Combatant skill-rank adds to the critical strike roll. It would make combat much more deadly with skilled practitioners of ambush – which I think is as it should be.

That is the segue to the idea of ‘in combat ambush’ or additions to critical strike  rolls. This is intended for normal critical strike resolution table numbers, so results start at 01-05.  Professions like ‘Fighter, Warrior, Duellist, etc.’ should be better at achieving critical strikes with weapons than professions like, ‘Scholar, Sage, Farmer, Houri, etc.’  I’ve toyed mentally with the idea of all professions add one-fifth of skill ranks to in combat critical strike rolls. I see it to effect skilled practitioners never getting a ‘Zip… +0 hits’ result again. I can’t decide if that bonus would work exactly like ambush in that one can add or subtract up to the value to get the desired critical result.

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