The Gap not Posted Upon

The long gap between last post and this one was due to house-sitting and moving into my place! Fiancee and I have bought a house and now we’re finally living in it. First we house sat for four weeks, which was good to get out of the tiny room we had at the proto-in-laws place. They were really generous letting us stay there although having no personal space was tough. We first house-sat the Fiancee’s aunty’s place and her poorly trained piddling pooch. Then we minded her friends place opposite a train line with screaming trashy neighbours behind. It went quickly though and was a good break in routine.

The move went surprisingly well. We did all the stuff ourselves with a hire trailer that only cost $51. All the big stuff except our bicycles is moved. The remaining things are mostly clothes, boxes of girly stuff, and miscellaneous magazines and books still on shelves at the proto-in-laws. I’ve even got my quite large speakers in the house. A photo is required.


Also did a grading at martial arts and achieved my 4th kyu. I strained my hamstring in the move and it’s hampering my training to get my 3rd kyu in July. Still… with enough training and practice I could still get it.

And had a birthday… 35.

The Gap not Posted Upon

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