Training and Tidying

Tidying up the house, moreso – or more precisely my fiancee is since most of the mess is hers. A light globe blew already and the low energy replacement is a cold-white colour that is not very hospitable. Feels like ice is burning (I know that’s weird but that’s how it feels).

At a training course for work all week. “Foundations of Novell Administration”. So far it’s good. Another student left at 10:30am – “What’s the point?” The instructor was as baffled as I was. That left just me in the class so I’m getting one on one training!  Catching the train and tram into the training course place is kind of different but boring. I’ll try reading tomorrow, normally it makes me feel a bit ill to read on the train but I’ll give it a shot since I’ll be bored of the scenery tomorrow.

Hope it doesn’t rain but the beureau of Meteorology say it will possibly thunderstorm as well as shower. As long as there is as much rain in the catchment as there is on me I don’t mind!

Training and Tidying

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