Training Day (2)

Training day 2 was good. It’s fun! I’m actually having fun at a training course. At best I expected to be mildly entertained. Now it’s fun. That’s so very cool! Novell is pretty fine. Sorry Smurf, but I don’t think you’ve looked at it enough. Zenworks makes Novell great. Add that to a Linux enterprise OS and it appeals to my aesthetics and sensibilities very strongly.

Turned out it did not rain. But a tram derailed and I had to walk the distance from the training place back to Southern Cross station (formerly Spencer Street station). That was kind of cool. I saw the building where my fiancee’s Dad works – an old wool mill place near a tram depot.

On a down note I have developed a cold. I think it’s bacterial because the phlegm is a rather disgusting brown-grey colour.

Training Day (2)

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