A run of bad luck reaches an end

I’ve had a run of bad luck that has reached an end. My cough/infection has cleared up. I’m back at training after straining a hamstring moving furniture. Wednesday last week (16th May) a window on my car was smashed but nothing seemed to be stolen. Had it fixed that afternoon for $120. Went into the city on Saturday night and had a few drinks including a rum concoction that I really enjoyed – which is just as well since it was $17. Left my car at the railway station and when I picked it up on Sunday the morning the exact same window was smashed as on Wednesday. Called the police and the officer on the ‘crime desk’ said the same thing happened to him but they stole his stereo and that the particular railway station is not a place you leave your car at night. Well, that’s nice and if he wasn’t so pleasant and friendly about it all I’d have been peeved a great deal. How about a sign or some cameras since it’s known to be a place that even police officers won’t leave their cars overnight? What about protect and serve? More like protect and sever connections to the rest of the public. Ooh… that feels like a rant in the making. I think I’ll leave it alone for some other place and time. Any way I’m back at martial arts training and feeling a great deal better for it. Been eating a great deal of enjoyable tasty food. I have found a cheap drink that I enjoy more than wine & cheese; muscat! $15 for 2 litres of the great stuff. Most excellent!

A run of bad luck reaches an end

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