A swell of creative back-pressure

I feel the need to be creative. The idea of a ‘wiki’ for Khara Thel is in my mind (again) for the first time in over 18 months. Wiki candidates are miniwiki, PHPWiki and MediaWiki. In comparison MediaWiki is bloated compared to the others. miniwiki is a fantastic 48kb! PHPWiki is 280kb (IIRC).

I can also feel the need to keep working on one of my novels. It’s a case of write or never finish. Doesn’t matter if it’s crap. Just get it down as a draft. Polishing is something I can do quite well. My weakest point is putting it down in the first place. That’s a general theme of holding-myself-back that I have to break.

Tomorrow will be my last counselling session. I feel like it’s an intrusion and a cost I don’t need to incur. So that tells me I’m done! YAY!

A swell of creative back-pressure

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