Legacy of Mammon

Legacy of Mammon

What wisdom do I have to impart? What intellect of mine worth preserving? Read and learn with endeavour of metaphor.

Join in the dance of St. Vitas, of progress, of movement for its own sake. Join in the rhythm of one’s own genius, should one be able to find it, join the minions of others who have conspired to become conductors of men and orchestral arrangers of fear-laden sheep.

What purpose is this that is presented to me that provides toil as life, reflection as luxury and denial as a wealth? Moreover where does one intern the bodies of dreams drowned by the flood of progress?

Lost within the music of the world, the inanity of material immortality, it feeds naught.

I own, I have, I control, I define by what I do and have done in its effects on other men. I cause envy in those that believe the lies. I cause death in those that challenge the obfuscation of truth.

What more to see in this? Where does one achieve their dreams so actively quashed by other men?

I own the land yet I use it not. I rape the earth pregnant with unborn souls. I exsanguinate the poisons left buried for eons and combust them into the sky. I revere that which does not exist and never shall.

Fight me for I love of death and destruction. I am lies and I am truth illusory. Believe in me for I will have those that do so believe crush those that do not. You will live in my image or die as an image of my creation. You cannot escape the cold shackles forged before your conception and fitted to your mind in tender years, anchored with spikes of pride and nails of pusillanimous false integrity.

Fight me not for I am Mammon and your ancestors have bedded with me so that all are now my bastard-progeny.

(24th May 2005)

Legacy of Mammon

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