STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

This is as close to the perfect game for me that I’ve come across. It’s playable, repeatedly, and has a close enough feel to being what I understand to be real (except the anomalies and artifacts) that it easily suspends disbelief. Mod’s are now making their way into my installation (they’re really modified config files) and I’m playing through a third time but with the Redux mod (first time with Redux).

I had to alter the Bandits script to the one from “Rules of Engagement” because they were point shooting in pitch darkness with Makarovs from about 100 meteres away (too good by far IMO). I watched a bandit spin crouch and shoot me in the torso in less than a second. I’ve also been constantly plinked at by a tower sentry through a wall! There’s no way he could have seen me. Ah well… it’s somewhat better now.

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

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