STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

Still a great game; I play it for a few minutes each day (if I can). Sometimes I have great runs where I point shoot with precision and move between cover and flank like SAS. Other times I revert to standard shooter tactics and trade shots counting on my superior accuracy and movement speed. In Redux this doesn’t work because of bleeding and closer to real damage scaling. However you can get lucky.

Last night I dropped off the roof of a barn thinking it was clear and there were two mercenaries in the barn. One caught me with a blast of buckshot and was promptly dropped with a burst of 5.45mm BP from my fast-shooting AK. The other clipped me and ducked behind the doors whilst I bandaged to save my life but a calculated arc of fire punching through the wood of his cover dropped him, too. It’s this kind of detail in the fire fights that makes it so compelling to play.

I still horde too much stuff, mainly ammo and favourite rifles (fast-shooting AK with silencer, GL and scope – and a G36). However in Redux I don’t feel silly carrying a dozen anti-rads, all the bandages I’ve ever found, all the yellow and blue medkits and nearly all the red ones, too.

Recently bought 2Gb extra RAM. A-Data “Vitesta”. Was meant to be 2-3-3-6 but won’t run at those timings and is at 3-3-3-8. I’m thankful that both it and my OCZ Performance can run together in dual-channel mode. That was the main point. 3Gb is nice amount of RAM.

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

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