Guitar Purchase Choice Progress

Tested Favourite
Ibanez RGT42FX set neck, solid body, string through body – Matt at KC ‘sRock Shop said it only comes in black. Great sustain and bottom end with clarity on the high scale as well. Fast action and with some 9’s on it, I’ll be able to shred on this thing. A speed machine with a fast narrow neck. Mainly set up for metal but I’m thinking its more in the amp & effects than the guitar for most things. If the guitar puts out a clear, noise-free, signal then it’ll be fine for me to do the projects I’m envisioning.

Yamaha Sammy Hagar model… equivalent to AES620 – this would be fun for doing ambient stuff that I have in mind.

I’d expected Peavey to make a better guitar than the EXP LP take-off that I tried. Although its finish was beautiful it just didn’t have a stand out sonic feature.

Desired models & Still to Test
LTD EC-500 in see through black cherry
LTD EC-1000 in see through black cherry
ESP Eclipse (above my price range, but what the hell)
Any Jackson shredder’s choice
Yamaha RGX320FZ
Yamaha RGX520FZ
Yamaha AES520 drop-6
Yamaha AES720
Schecter C-1 (shedevil, blackjack, hellraiser, elite variants)

Guitar Purchase Choice Progress

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