Guitar Purchase Choice Progress

I have bought a guitar. A Schecter C-7 Hellraiser. That’s such a good name for me! It’s finished in black cherry with quilted maple on the top of a mahogany body. A set neck with rosewood fretboard, 24 frets and a 26.5 inch scale length makes it a rather large guitar. The 7th string is tuned to B below E of the 6th string. I’m so excited to start playing this. However, I still require an cabinet and an amp. So far the candidates are:

  • Randall RHS300 G3 amp head
  • Randal RS125CX cabinet (2 12″ and 15″, awesome bottom end)

Also on the list are effects pedals which I’ll need for metal and the ambient stuff that I envisage:

  • Zoom G2.1U (multi-effects pedal)
  • Zoom G7.1UT (multi-effects pedal)
  • DigiTech GNX300 (multi-effects pedal)
  • DigiTech XMM Metal Master distortion pedal (stomp box)
  • Rocktron Zombie Rectified Distortion pedal (stomp box)
  • Line6 toneCore Uber metal distortion pedal (stomp box)
  • Virtual Sound Jekyll and Hyde Ultimate overdrive pedal (stomp box)
Guitar Purchase Choice Progress

One thought on “Guitar Purchase Choice Progress

  1. Turns out that I bought a Laney GH50L.
    For my effects I went with a Zoom G9.1UT.
    Very happy.
    Also got a practice amp. A Hughes & Kettner Blue Edition 30 watts with spring-reverb.

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