Moving^2 & misc. Guitar Gear

Moved a friend from Seaford to Fitzroy – and then he didn’t like it so I moved him back to Seaford. It was kind of amusing, annoying and satisfying to do. A mixed bag mostly positive of feelings. He was great and paid for the moving costs (trailer and petrol) both times – and on top of that gave me an amplifier; Marshall Artiste 100w.

It’s broken but apparently a collectors item. I hope to fix it for the price he gave me, $400, then play around with it to see if it has the tone I am looking for (will still need a high-gain device and maybe a noise reduction device). If not it will be sold, again for the price he gave me (hopefully), circa $1200.

On the amplifier front I have narrowed down a dream-amp, and it’s a pure solid-state combo: ISP Technologies Theta Combo Amplifier, 400W. I think it will have a killer sound, mainly from it’s built in dual Decimator noise reduction circuits, massive gain potential (150db) and combination of 300W active woofer with 12″ Celestion G12T-100.

Other amp-head candidates are:

  • Randall RH300G3
  • Randall RH150G3
  • Randall V2
  • ISP Theta head
  • B-52 AT-100
  • Crate Blue Voodoo (expensive)
  • VHT Pitbull G100-UL Ultra Lead (not likely, very expensive)

Effects pedals list:

  • Rocktron Zombie, rectified distortion
  • Zoom G2.1u, multi-effects & USB
  • Zoom G7.1ut, tube multi-effects & USB
  • Rocktron G-100 Utopia
  • Blackstar DX-1 “Pure Filth”
  • ISP Decimator, noise reduction
  • ISP Fetish, distortion
  • Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster Tube Distortion
  • Maxon ROD881 Real Tube Overdrive/Distortion

Cabinet candidates:

  • Randall RS125CX, 2*12″ + 15″ Eminence speakers 240W RMS
  • Randall RA412XLT10, 4*12″ Celestion G12H-100 400W
  • Behringer BG412S, 4*12″ Jensen 400W @ 8-ohms

I think the amp and instrument should provide more tone than the speakers. Speaker tone makes it too complicated for me. The speakers I buy should just put out the sound I send them and not fall apart whilst doing so at any volume within their rated power handling. The Behringer cab, although cheap and grouped as rather crappy, has excellent user reviews which convinced me.

It is all quite exciting!

Moving^2 & misc. Guitar Gear

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