The Riddle of Steel

Have not written for a while. Been rediscovering my love of RPG’s. TRoS (The Riddle of Steel) has a very gritty combat system that is quite quickly disabling and lethal, capturing the ‘frantic’ concept of combat and falling in line with what I know about fighting through martial arts and the few street-fights I’ve been in. One good blow turns the tide of a fight. The world setting has a bit of knowing-chuckling in the tone but I’m not really interested in that and didn’t read much of it. What does stand out is the detail for melee combat. I think for a combat focused adventure or campaign this would be a prime choice. It is very dangerous and may take a few one-shots for the players to adjust to the realities of this system.

I’ve already written an adventure arc that is intended to be used with TRoS – now all I need is an RPG group.

The Riddle of Steel

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