Becoming Productive

Having freed my mental space of the near obsessive search for a second guitar I can write again. I’ve set a deadline to finish Blood Moon Solstice, end of 2009. This is a pretty long time but it is a deadline, none-the-less.

Other projects that I can give attention to are:

  • AX84 amp-project, P1ex, low wattage guitar amplifier head. Wife has given me contact details for a guy who is doing a similar project (valve amplifier) who I can brain-jam with to get this done.
  • Getting my 100watt Marshall Artiste repaired.
  • Test and purchase a speaker cabinet.
  • Dig garden beds and prepare vege patch.
  • More physical training.
  • Join a new dojo for MMA/BJJ that is closer to home and cheaper in fees.
  • Foam modelling for mini’s and fun.
  • Yard-work, building wood-shed and workshop.
  • Prepare holiday overseas.

So there’s plenty to do and diminishing time in which to do it. Foul weather lately is a convenient excuse not to do such things as well as the social engagements that seem never-ending. Even this weekend we will be out all Saturday and probably it will ruin us for the Sunday, destroying that day’s chance of productivity as well.

Becoming Productive

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