Convenient Hook

After belting out the end of another chapter I’ve realised that courage is part of my writing process. The courage to write what I want and not worry about if it’s good enough or accurately structured in its grammar and form. Although that appeals to me; worrying about those details prevents me from writing. So now the focus is to just write and I’ve been saying that for years but now I really know how I tick when it comes to this.

The next step to increase my writing-volume is to add structure and routine. It works well for me and my guitar practice so it will work for writing, too. It’s exciting to have these revelations about oneself because from awareness can come action – and I’m motivated to act.

Whilst writing Blood Moon Solstice I contrived a convenient hook that tackles the brothers memory losses and seeds the story for a sequel. So far the flashbacks of Atriaxe haven’t tied into their memory loss. Only Staifcairn has any idea that there is something amiss. The shade of Rhastavon revealed it to him as a ‘by-the-by’ but gave no details. Staifcairn’s stresses and obsessions with other things have prevented him from seizing on that detail. Of the brothers he is the only one who could do anything about it on his own. Atriaxe and Cavis would require assistance from a third-party.

Kurtis La Pas: a lone sorceror/mentalist who is somehow tied to the shadow dragon and likely the Veyrr. How he will show up again, I don’t know.

End Spoilers

Convenient Hook

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