Are we all mad?

It may be more severe in the title than the reality but toxoplasmosis gondii is the human variant of a parasite that affects behaviour of rats to be ‘attracted’ to the scent of cats – getting themselves killed most often in the process and allowing the parasite to pass into the cat again. I hope I don’t have it and I use the idea that I’m not particularly fond of cats that I do not. However, I have a soft spot for the little buggers and don’t explicitly wish them harm – just wish them away from me. I think they’re filthy (cover themselves in spit), only reason they bury their poo is to make it harder for real predators like dogs, foxes, wolves and such to track them and are basically useless as companions to humans.

Now the main thrust of the title is that many many people worldwide are harbouring the parasite toxoplasmosis gondii and it affects their brains so that they’re twice as likely to have a car-accident (if they’re drivers) and this may even extend to donkey carts and rickshaws. The rub is that this is probably toxoplasmosis gondii affecting the brain to be self-destructive like the poor rats but since a cat is not going to eat us (unless you’re in Africa or Asia and wonder off to a great cat) it’s not going to happen. Extend that concept to culture and you have a concept that we are becoming more self-destructive than ever – the scary thing is look at the articles in the media. A huge bulk of them are about things that do not aid our survival and actively inhibit it.

Food for thought – just make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly.

Are we all mad?

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