Green Quest

A new category for my green/eco related posts. I’ll be cutting down my resource and energy usage, being more water wise and making – or buying – less waste. Also going to be focused even more on gardening and composting.

So my first post is about walking to the shops. It is about 1.6km each way – so a total walk of 3200m. Only half of that is carrying shopping. This is pretty good because it controls our spending where we’d often grab a whole bunch of things we want on impulse – the malus being that we’d have to carry it back home whilst walking. It was a lovely fine and warm day which made it worthwhile.

On the walk there is bike path that follows a drain/creek through reserve and parkland. Some of that land backs on to light industrial areas. They looked from abandoned to neglected. The newest thing was the sports-aquatic center tucked behind the library and council buildings.

On the way home wife took some snaps and it looks like we’re on a road in the middle of nowhere.

Had our first harvest of lettuce from the garden last week. It was nice. Not nearly as bitter as supermarket cos but still possessed of the cos-lettuce taste; just cleaner and more enjoyable for me.

Cleaned up my bicycle. Last week I rode it to work and half-way home. About 55kms in total. I’ve been lucky and had no stiffness in the muscles. In fact I’ve had more physical energy from the day after the ride than I’ve had for a while. I’ll be doing that about once per week – weather permitting. It took about 40 minutes longer than I expected. Mostly because I got lost. The bike path has good signs some of the time and no signs when I need them most. One example was approaching a bridge there’s a sign that says “Dandenong Creek Trail” and indicates over the bridge.

Now where?
Now where?

I cross the bridge and the trail splits into three. I take the left turn and end up on the “Lands End Trail”. That’s not it. I take the right turn and head under the train line and it looks like it ends up in a sports ground. So I take the middle trail and follow the train line to Bayswater. I end up riding along Mountain Highway to Stud Road and pick up a bike path that leads back to the Dandenong Creek Trail which I follow to High Street Road. From there I recognise Eastlink Tollway and get on the Eastlink Trail to Tirhuatan Park. Here I follow the trail, once again the Dandenong Creek Trail, into Doveton where I get lost again and take a 1.5km loop completely needlessly then end up at the foot of a hill. At this point I totally bonked out (blood sugar so low I can do little more than walk or idle the pedals). At the top of the hill I suspect it’s a road that I’m familiar with from a different angle – that of the freeway it crosses. I turn out to be correct and pick up the pace with excitement that I’ve almost made it to work. With a lucky traffic light sequence I zip across the road and make it to work only 25 minutes late. 😦 Ah well. The shower I took then was one of the best I’ve had in a long time!

On the ride half-way back I had a front brake failure that was entirely my fault. I tried to adjust the brake and didn’t tighten it enough. Also the rear flasher mounting bracket came loose and dangled away like it would drop off. Keeping the actual flasher in my pocket I rode on thinking at least if the bracket fell off I’d have the useful device. Unfortunately there was a gusting headwind on the return ride and I was pretty damned tired by the time I made it back to Tirhuatan Park so I called my fantastic wife who met me at Jells Park and drove me home. So one less day of commuting fuel that I used.

My bike has held up very well.

Green Quest

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