Riding again

I rode again to work. The Thursday I made good time and arrived in 1hr45. I took a few extra pictures that were not included in the Green-Quest post. It was a great ride. Very relaxing and fun. Lots of animals, rosellas, people walking dogs, sleeping horses, cows, and rabbits. There is a little mound near the Stud Road underpass that is like Bunny Castle.

I’ve not gotten lost again and have a good route figured out. After next pay I’ll buy a good cycle-computer to track speed, cadence and distance traveled (all shown on one display) that will allow me to give good figures for my cycle commute.

Since the weather is becoming fine I’m confident of two to four commutes per week. In about four weeks I should be fit enough to do both ways and get my time down to 1hr20. On my early shift I anticipate riding on the roads since they’re not very busy and my commute could get down to below 50 minutes.

The motivator was necessity since my alternator finally failed. The battery lost nearly all charge but the alternator unit is replaced now and charging the battery fine. Having the car is a massive security and comfort blanket. I had been through the process of losing a car and then riding and realising I do not ‘require’ a car for myself. One car between two people is pretty good. Thankfully my lovely wife will pick me up from work (like last week) when I ride again. Tuesday 28th and Wednesday the 29th are my next rides.

Being as soft as I am there will be little to no riding in the rain. That will take a while before my fitness is up to that level where I won’t get sick from being soaked.

Gemini World Randonneur
Gemini World Randonneur
Riding again

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