Garden Pictures

Our garden is growing nicely. It’s still small whilst we learn how to look after them. I’ve used some fish emulsion from the supermarket that seems to affect the peas the most.

When we moved into the house the front path was covered with grass tufts and dirt. I cleared this off and mounded it. Then covered with dirt and pea straw to make a kind of compost mound. In that I put a sprouting potato that I’d split with a knife. The second one is putting up shoots but they’re not through the pea straw, yet. The success of the ‘new potato’ inspired me to fill out the mound with more sprouting potatoes that were old purchases.

And lastly, for this post, the raspberry has two canes that are doing well. I’m hoping for some fruit just on winter – about 8 months away – but we’ll see.

Garden Pictures

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