The Future (realised)

My earlier post “The Future” highlighted the thought that I was having the glimmerings of a new idea. And now it’s arrived.

Organic self-searching networks.

The idea is probably not new.

This is the idea: independent units that can communicate wirelessly over varying distances can create a public network using organic growth and searching methods. It requires that the devices are co-operative, share “directories” of all the other devices they know and will route traffic from anywhere. These independent units would be self-powered and charge from their own photo-voltaic cells. They would have a “mains” power as backup and additional input-jacks for more power from other sources, such as a small wind turbine.

My first iteration of the idea was that a “firmware-patch” to existing wireless routers would start the process. Each router would dedicate a user-selected amount of their wireless bandwidth to create a “public-net” that will relay and route data-transmission to other “public-net” capable devices. This part of the technology is easily achievable.

The hard part is the location of devices in such an organically (hideously?) complex network. My knowledge of network searching and DNS are too limited to conceive of a solution but my “instinct” says that it is in a mutation of the path-finding algorithms adapted to the organic network environment.

After these thoughts I add that “directory-hosts” could add to the network to achieve efficiency in searching. These would be like the peer-to-peer databases for finding torrent seeds and leechers.

So that’s my “big idea”. If you like it, let me know, and if you have the skills to develop it: please do it for the good of the people instead of for your love of money.


A paper exists published by the Association for Computing Machinery, here

The Future (realised)

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