A Broken Pole

Melbourne Cup day is a Victorian public holiday. A government endorsed day of rest for a horse race. Some people internationally may have heard of Australia’s day off for a horse race. I find the day off useful because it breaks a drought of public holidays that starts in June (5 months). The principle is a bit ridiculous and makes me think it’s all a bit childish and self-indulgent. The culture of Melbourne Cup Day has become one of “frocking up”; dressing in fashions one would rarely, if ever, where anywhere else that are basically stupid – many girls and women so uncomfortable in their “frocks” they are constantly pulling at hem and collar seams to make sure they’re covered. For Men it’s mainly a drinking competition with a competition to win the most money whilst gambling on the horses.

In that spirit one man who was not frocked up but driving his high-powered car after a “few” beverages had somehow, over the space of three house-frontages, collided THROUGH a power pole. Power poles in Australia are generally treated mountain ash. A hardwood that is tall and strait. I saw the pole and it looked like it had been severed by a colossal axe-stroke.

Almost needless to say the area lost power and people came out to see what had happened. And then the thing occurred that has been observed through the ATE (Anglo-TV-Empire); people started talking to each other – and were friendly. So wife and I took the opportunity to meat some people and introduce ourselves. It was fun and led me to think of other things: Global Transition.

A Broken Pole

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