Global Transition

It is coming. There is nothing that will be done in time to change it. As energy becomes scarcer and more expensive it will enforce changes on to the ATE (Anglo-TV-Empire) way of life. Localization and building of community are the answers.

Some problems are:

  • Food-production
  • Water availability
  • Transport
  • Medical access

Some other issues I foresee are that the culture at larges suggests many have a sense of entitlement to luxury. I see evidence of this in the credit-marketing. That sense of entitlement will be the cause of most of our trouble between people. The sad thing is that the same sense of entitlement will be the cause of a collapse. What really bothers me is that many, many, elements are stacked to favour a collapse at the moment. Those pieces are:

  • Credit hyper-extension
  • Energy price rises and scarcities
  • Increasing police state laws and attitudes
  • Culture of entitlement
  • Skill-shortage for true production and manufacturing

My take is that we have about 3-7 years before our life is so different that we look back at 2008/2009 as the year it all fell.

Global Transition

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