Duration RPG System Playtest

Well: RPG group has got together, and at a prompt from my wife (who’s not a RPG’er, for the record) we’re playing Duration System in Khara Thel. Or what I call Khara Thel Reborn. It is reborn since Khara Thel was originally constructed with Rolemaster type rules. So far Duration is very crunchy, or rules-heavy. The number of statistics has been criticised and 12 is probably too many. It is probably not a big deal to roll it back to eight.

Currently 12-stats are: Carry, Endurance, Strike, Agility, Finesse, Reflexes, Adaptive, Diagnose, Senses, Presence, Psychic Talent, Will.

Rolling back to 8-stats: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Mobility, Intelligence, Charisma, Will, Psychic Talent.

Playtesting will decide if I do that.

The skill-costing was well-received. Cumulative cost for core skills and one point each increase for specialisations. So core skills cost 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 (10 points) for four levels. Specialisations cost 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 (4 points) for four levels. Clearly designed to encourage specialisation purchases with skill points. Core skill increases become drastically expensive. So players cottoned on to that concept quickly and easily.

First session was nearly all char-gen (character generation) but we started the game-proper. Next session will see some combat and skill testing. My current fears are that it will be too lethal… somewhat like “The Riddle of Steel” where the first decent striker is likely to win the combat. This is probably a good thing but since it is untested I’m a little apprehensive.

In summary the players have a mix that can work: even in the longer term. The plot I’m running is my favourite adventure of my own, “The Grey Eye Campaign”. I’m a little excited to be GM’ing in Khara Thel again and on top of that my favourite plot.

Duration RPG System Playtest

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