Geological Time

There’s a few theories posited about the ‘net that tie global warming to increased volanic activity and the sun’s cycles. This makes me think about geollogical time – time that is measure in thousands and millions of years. The reocrd for volcanic activity is one that has increaed in terms of data-gathering-points. As the amount of data gathered increased, the amount of activity recorded increased. This makes intuitive sense.

Since the theory tying the increase in volcanic activity to the sun’s cycles is on a planetary scale it fairly follows that this would be increasing all volcanic activity in the Earth. A fixed set of the oldest recording stations would be the best data-set. Since this kind of data is not exactly available I reckon that there is no way to confirm this. What I have found is that the volcanic activity in the last 40 years, which is the only period of time where there is a relatively fixed number of recording stations, has remained constant. So this theory is analysed and put aside – as of today.

Geological Time

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