Where’s my Sandbox Shooter?

Since posting about the Sandbox Shooter emergent genre (wishful thinking?) I’ve played three games to try and get a fix of the ‘sandbox’ feel.

STALKER Clear Skies: I so love this setting but this game is missing a lot of internal consistency. There’s too many people and not enough ‘environment’. Good gun modelling and awesome graphics.

X3: Reunion. Space traders, a kind of sandbox shooter if there ever was one. X3 is stunningly good looking but without much assitance in getting started. The scale of the game is a bit overwhelming but the progress rate is totally underwhelming.

Evochron Legends: I can see the great effort to provide a sandbox shooter (space-trader type) and it looks incredible. It’s just a bit ‘passe’ in playing. I think it is totally aimed at people who use joysticks because shooting down the spiralling drone in the combat demo/tutorial was one of the hardest such tasks I’ve ever come across.

Perhaps it’s time to give up on PC games for a while? I think so. There’s more things I can devote my time to. Like being 37 years old.

Where’s my Sandbox Shooter?

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