Neofeudal Pathocracy

This is the best term I could come up with to describe the state of our culture in the Anglo-Empire. To break it down:

  • Neo = new
  • Feudal = an arbitrary society that rules by the Fie, or the owing of dues to an overlord, the overlord having the arbitrary rule over those below
  • Pathocracy = a society ruled by psychopaths (also called Ponerology)

Why is it so?

Law is increasingly, if not totally, a process that is arbitrary by those above you. It so often applies to one person but not another that it is a joke. The best evidence of this can be seen in the number of non-prosecutions of law and policy enforcers who investigate their own members. Multiple audio-visual footages can not prosecute the wrongs these ‘men of the sherrif’ perpetrate against lawful people trying to uphold their lawful rights. A feudal structure ensures that the law is a socially-stratified thing. Inflitration to sabotage those groups who would try and uphold lawful and natural rights shows the pathocracy at work: their deep mistrust and paranoia that there are more psychopaths out there who may remove their power.

It is a pattern that will stick in your mind because it explains the truth of what we see around us.

Neofeudal Pathocracy

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