Health Care and the State of the World

I read an interesting article complaining about nationalised health care saying how it impinges on freedom.

I live in a nation with public health care. It worked very well until a few years ago. The body that lobbies the government on behalf of doctors altered its financial relationships and its fee structures; under the guise that doctors are overworked and underpaid. Since then service levels have dropped. It’s not uncommon to have a one hour wait at a public health care clinic. Should you try a public hospital expect three hours unless your life is clearly at risk. Overall the health of the nation is worsening but slowly. The point is if you want a stable society you want people to be able to keep healthy. You don’t want only those with money having any health care because it will increase crime. It sounds like a stretch but try participate in a society without any of its money and you will understand a little better. Remember that sick people have less money.

The problem is always rooted in the type of people who make poor decisions when they’re in a position of power and responsibility. The kind of person who looks at satisfying their own agenda regardless of the consequences to others. Operating under the assumption that those in position to make legislation are ‘just like us’ is the root of these misunderstandings. History and their behaviour show they are not ‘like us’. They don’t care when they hurt thousands of people. They don’t care when they make a mistake. They don’t care that they’ve been caught in lies repeatedly. The only explanation that fits is that they don’t care, don’t have a conscience and do not have any morals.

This is the singular, but very dry, text that explains why we are in the state-of-affairs that we see on a global scale.

To put it another way;
Imagine you are in a position to make national policy. You can decide who the nation’s forces will invade – if anyone. Which companies gain massive govenmental contracts. What the laws are for the really huge corporations in regards to how they pay tax. And most of your ‘friends’ are running either the military or a huge corporation.

Bob comes to you and says, “Hey there friend. I really need my company to get into Oilmakistan so I can make another 4 billion dollars in the next five years.”
Most of you will say, “Bob, you’re a multi-billionaire already. For that to happen I’d have to get the army involved. To do that we’d have to kill thousands and thousands of innocent people.”

That’s where the difference is. These people will add, “That’ll be fine Bob but don’t forget my campaign is in need of another hundred million dollars and my Lake Tahoe ranch requires a renovation.”

That’s why they’re not like us.

Health Care and the State of the World

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