Bad Boy?

I’d previoulsy given the idea of owning a Cannondale Bad Boy away. Reasoning it as being out of my budget for a new bike.  Today I visited a cycle shop and found one, with an internal gear hub, and disc brakes; in my budget! I was trying to suppress my stoke-d-ness as I kept my lips together to prevent the drool escaping and embarassing my lovely wife (but I did manage to say something silly, “Honey, sorry; but I have a new woman in my life”. The ‘special forces’ matte black finish makes it very appealing aesthetically and the frame geometry suits me well. Hyrdaulic disc brakes provide good stopping power and they were not bedded in fully on my test ride. On top of this is a gorgeous black Alfine internal gear hub.

Bad Boy Billboard

All it needs are some SKS mudguards and a seat-post rack with bag. I will transfer my lights from the World Randonneur on to this bike and it’ll be great.

Going back to tires that can be punctured is a bit daunting after so long with having Airfree tires. I’ll have to adjust my riding. Instead of aiming for glass I’ll have to avoid it. After the tires are ruined I’ll fit it with airfree High Resilient/High Durability tires. Most likely these:

airfree daytona

Or these:

airfree allterrain

Bad Boy?

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