Bad Boy Bung-o?

Took the Bad Boy for a spin today. I couldn’t get the pedals off by myself through lack of a pedal spanner. The gap between the crank arm and the pedal body is too narrow for normal spanners and shifters so I tried the 6mm hex-key. Bent it! Basically the pedals were too tightly affixed at the cycle shop. At least they greased the thread or the pedals would’ve bound like over-tightened wheel nuts.

On the ride I experienced some shifting problems with the Alfine hub. Particualrly around 4th gear. This may be an adjustment issue so tomorrow after work I’ll tweak it.

I’m very happy with the weight of the bike – it’s deceptively light (of course I’m comparing it to my CrMo frame World Randonneur) and with the high PSI 700 x 28 tires rolls like a road bike. Have mounted my faithful 14 year old Cateye Halogen front light and it looks like it should have been on this bike all along.

So far the only buyer regret is when I have the shifting problems with the Alfine. I let another Rohloff go on eBay because I though I don’t need one, now. If this shifting issue continues I may purchase a Rohloff as a backup hub when the Alfine is shot.

To close I don’t actually think the Bad Boy is bung (broken) but if the Alfine issues can’t be resolved I’ll be miffed at having to make a warranty claim.

Bad Boy Bung-o?

2 thoughts on “Bad Boy Bung-o?

  1. Interesting reading your blog. I have the rohloff. Riding it 30 miles daily for 18 mths.
    Interesting to read your experiences riding to work on the bad boy.
    Dave (Uk) (home of wiggle!)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dave.

    My commute is about 76kms round trip; roughly 48miles.

    The Alfine turned out to be okay. Re-tensioned the shift cable and worked like new. Later on I had the chain bounce off and it damaged the shift-cowl (or whatever it’s called). Turned out the shop hadn’t tensioned my eccentric bottom bracket correctly and it had been slipping. Now it’s functioning well. I had to push them a bit more than I felt I should have to – especially considering the shop’s pedigree. Lately the only thing I dream of putting a Rohloff in is the Big Dummy. Although a whole new bike with belt-drive and Rohloff is a fantasy (Americano Rohloff). The Alfine is pretty sweet. Very much looking forward to the 11-speed version.
    Wiggle: how good are they?

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