Mission for Mudguards

I’m looking for some mudguards for the Bad Boy. Although the bike is ‘Bad’ in that it has a special forces matte-black finish I’m not a hardcase SF type person and hate having a wet butt. Now the Carradice SQR Tour bag is on its way to me from the awesome online retailer Wiggle and it will provide most of the anti-wet-butt protection that I require. However, back there, protecting my ‘back-there’ it will not protect my up-front-bits; namely my face from the spray that I get from the front wheel at speed.

So what’s a nerd to do but find an elegant and practical solution like a light-weight mudguard with a matching aesthetic in special forces matte-black. Talk about a behind-enemy-lines mission. I’m tracking through sludge-loads of opinions that mudguards are uncool and only slow fat lazy bike-riders have those. Some rebels, or really freedom fighters, who want to be able to use mudguards without being persecuted, have provided some assitance and there’s a product called the Zefal Paragon. Iconic name for an elusive product. Persistence is of course my code-name and I shall find those damned elusive guards unless some Soma Fab Eurotrip make it on to the Bad Boy first.

Mission for Mudguards

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