Two to Commute


The Carradice SQR Tour Bag with SQR Bracket. I’m quite excited about receving this item. The bag really appeals to me, part mudguard and part bag. As I stated in “Mission for Mudguards” I’m looking to fit the Bad Boy with a set of Zefal Paragon fenders. Fenders and mudguards are synonymous terms unless you’re talking about guitars. But it must be notes that mudflaps are not synonymous with either. The point is in the bag, though, with its contents carrying my daily meals, flat-repair necessities, spare batteries, and clothes for the office. On Fridays I’d have to bring back a towel so it may be more prudent to travel in the steel and glass cell on wheels.  Or travel by car on Mondays to stock up for the week, replacing items as required, and getting the heavy lifting done in terms of what I need at work that’s too awkward to ride with.

I checked the tracking of my order, once again from the awesome online retailer Wiggle, and it is in Melbourne waiting to clear Customs. Once the friendly Customs Agents realise I don’t owe them money for having a bag shipped to me I will receive it shortly after and shall commence commuting.


The Spiderfire Cree Q5 B200 Bike Light. Purchased from eBay it was shipped on the 18th June although I received an email saying it was shipped on the 15th. Coming from Hong Kong raises my hopes for a quick delivery as most items I’ve ordered from there do arrive wiht remarkable celerity. The light is rated at 205 lumens, which currently means nothing to me, and is powered by three AA batteries. Also from eBay I’ve received 12 of my 16 AA batteries – each rated at 2600mAH.  Testing so far indicates they are okay however there’s a slim chance that they ‘killed’ my poor old Canon Powershot A75 camera. At $20 including delivery for 16 AA rechargeable NiMH batteries that’s an awesome deal. Even if they turn out to be only 2000mAH it’s a good deal since in major chain retailers such batteries (2500mAH) cost $17 for 4, or $68 for 16!

My aging but stalwart Cateye HL500 halogen bike light, that runs on a pair of C batteries, will be relegated to light duties in its twilight years. Should the Spiderfire prove no better I will be disappointed as I paid $71 for it, including delivery. One reservation is mounting the container for the batteries which power the light in a way that it doesn’t vibrate annoyingly on the bike.

Two to Commute

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