Bar-ends on Bullhorns?

Drop bars are great if you want to ride fast. I’m over that now and want to ride a long time in comfort. Going down on the drops doesn’t do anything good for me so other solutions are needed. To date they are:

Butterfly/Euro/Trekking Handlebars:


Bullhorn bars with bar-ends:


Decisions, decisions…

[Update: 26th July 2009]

I’ve fitted the bike with a simple pair of bar-ends. They’re making the commute and riding in general much more comfortable. They’re Ritchey PRO Ergo Medium bar-ends and I paid $28 for the pair. I have no bar tape at the moment and since I always ride with gloves I’ve not needed it. Bar tape that I’m considering is Fizik Microtex, black of course, as it will match the Bad Boy well.

PRO Ergo bar-ends on the Bad Boy
PRO Ergo bar-ends on the Bad Boy

[Excuse the scrap paper – I’m recycling it and protecting my carpet.]

After fitting I had to move the brake-levers inwards (towards the stem) to fit my hands on the bars. The brake-levers also had to be rotated ‘down’ so I had enough comfort to ride with my fingers on the levers. Overall the bike is much more comfortable. I’m beggining to think that I need to raise the seat, again, as my knee is quite a few degrees off straight (not that it should ever be fully extended) so I’m not use all my quads.

Bar-ends on Bullhorns?

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