Spiderfire B200 Bike Light

It arrived today and I fitted it before taking photos. The battery box has an elastic-nylon strap that doesn’t seem to hold it very firmly and I expect it to rattle when on the bike. Rattling on the bike annoys me. Thankfully the brightness is much greater than my venerable Cateye HL500 and will be more than adequate to be seen. How well see with it whilst riding remains to be tested. Having a rather ordinary sleep last night I’m not inclined to test ride with the light tonight.

Here’s some pictures:

Spiderfire B200 001_640px

Here’s the light in its mount. The mount came with a rubber shim about 2mm thick that was oversize for my handlebars. I swapped the shim with the thin one from the Cateye HL500 and got a good mounting. The HL500 got the thick shim and fits well on the thinnest part of the bars.

Spiderfire B200 008_640px

The ‘control console’ of the bad boy. From left to right of picture; Avid Juicy 3 rear brake, Spiderfire Cree B200 LED Light, Spiderfire battery box (3 x AA) mounted under headstem, Cateye HL500, Alfine rapidfire shifter, Avid Juicy 3 front brake.

Spiderfire B200 009_640px

From the front, next to my front reflector, the B200’s Cree Q5 LED.

Mounting detail from the right side.
Mounting detail from the right side.
Mounting detail from above.
Mounting detail from above.
Mounting detail from front underside
Mounting detail from front underside

A quick indoor test was in order and I took these photos. Not really knowing much about decent light testing I set the camera to night-mode with no flash and sat the bike in the same spot for each shot (didn’t move except what miniscule amount it may have moved when I turned off one light and turned on the other). For each shot I stabilised the camera against the corner of the wall. The results show that I altered the cameras facing angle a few degrees between shots.

First the Cateye HL500 with its 14year old halogen globe and batteries that have been used for about 20minutes.

Spiderfire B200 011_640px

Finally the Spiderfire B200.

Spiderfire B200 012_640px

Spiderfire B200 Bike Light

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