Battery Problems Solved

The Hope Vision One is an excellent light but I was getting only 20 minutes out of my brand new 2600mah AA batteries. Something was amiss. I fiddled with putting batteries in and tried fresh charged ones. At work, when trying to demonstrate it to workmates, I put in a mix of batteries and suddenly the light worked. It occurred to me then that my batteries weren’t being charged correctly. Well, a hundred dollars later, I bought a PowerEx MH-C800S 8-cell smart charger from eBay. The buyer was conveniently in the next suburb. This smart charger did the trick. I now get about 2hrs 45mins from four 2600mah batteries which lines up pretty well with the spec’s. Considering how cheap those batteries were I’m quite chuffed. Since my wife is moving on to a LiPo camera she won’t need her AA’s any more and I’ll have a whole ‘drum’ of them.

Battery Problems Solved

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