Recovered from GAS now have contracted BAS?

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome: I had it for a while, very mildly, and seem to have overcome it. Every time I see a Jackson soloist SL2H in natural flam maple I feel GAS return. So far, not having had one available to actually acquire, I’ve not relapsed into GAS.

Now it appears I may have BAS. Bicycle Acquisition Syndrome. Today is the test and its results will become apparent after I view a Trek Soho with the belt-drive. It was one of my original candidates for purchase in my previous post. Here’s the pic again for something to look at:

Trek Soho with belt-drive
Trek Soho with belt-drive

[Update: 26 July 2009]

The belt-drive and Nexus premium are fantastic. I like the steps between gears much better on the Nexus than the Alfine but it isn’t quite as smooth in shifting. What I don’t like about the Trek Soho are the rollerbrakes; they’re just too mushy and not grippy enough. To be fair I didn’t ride the rollerbrakes in the wet, though.

Overall the Trek Soho has a great drive-train, good accessories, sensible mounting points but is let down by the poor brakes. For me the brakes are a deal-breaker. I’d buy one 2nd hand for the belt-drive components since a belt-drive kit is said to be ~$900.

Recovered from GAS now have contracted BAS?

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