(Previously posted as a media-file of PDF type; with the wonders of Word 2007 I can post the original)

I received the Carradice SQR Tour bag today.



Nicely bagged so it won’t get wet – haha.

With a ruler for scale.

Has the ‘collar’ with draw string to help keep out heavy rain. I also found out my bag was made by “Maggie”. That’s a nice personal touch.

Inside the bag is a Velcro pouch – presumably for small valuables like coins and USB drives. Ruler for scale.



Assemble all the parts and RTFM is how I usually start. Too many times relying on my ‘intuition’ and having to pull things apart insures that I RTFM all the time.

The SQR (Seatpost Quick Release) mount assembled.

The SQR mount assembled. Note the lower M5 bolt passes through the bracket.

Here it is mounted to the seat pole ready to trial-fit.

“On the bike at last!” (The reflector is secretly laughing because it knows)

Bag won’t fit! The reflector has to come off the bike? (Who’s laughing now… hey?)

This is how high up from the frame the mounting bands are to show what kind of clearance you may need; particularly if your bike has similar geometry to a Bad Boy.


The Bad Boy with SQR mount. Note the effectiveness of the Cannondale sticker.

The Bad Boy with Carradice SQR Tour Bag mounted.





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