Bike Savings Goals

I’ve sorted out my BAS and have decided on a savings program to support my next large purchase. This next large purchase will be either;

  • Cross-tour & Audax bike that has:
    • Rohloff speed hub (or SRAM iMotion 9 if the reports at the time are favourable and my patience to save has run out)
    • Belt-drive
    • Disc brake only (likely Avid BB7, or Juicy 5+)
    • Attachment-points for mudguards
    • Attachment-points for racks
    • Moderately aggressive frame geometry (MTB)
    • Titanium frame (slightly customised Thylacine Arete Ti, Rohloff dropouts, coupler for belt-drive)
    • Forks will be ridgid but I’m not sure if I’ll go CrMo, Al, Scandium, or Ti, OR
  • Carbon high-racer by M5
    • Shimano 105 or Ultegra groupset
    • Ceramic-needle bearing hubs (M5 specials)
    • Carbon tail-bag/fairing

Why? I want the ultimately versatile low-maintenance bike OR the fastest bike available.

Bike Savings Goals

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