Mission for Mudguards: Part 3 (fitment)

Codename: Persistence finally arrived and fitted the SKS Chromoplastic P45 mudguard to the Bad Boy 8. It looks quite nice. Codename: Persistence is unsure of the bolts that hold the clip to the chainstay cross-piece – they may not be tight enough. C:P left early and I don’t want to drop the rear-wheel to tighten them further. Well if C:P was around longer he would have done it, what what.

Rear guard fitted

It seems that within a few minutes of making this post it had 35 views. So I’ll add some more information about fitting the SKS P45 mudguards.

I followed the instructions.

  • Fit the small black plastic parts to the mudguards. These hold the mudguard stays where they insert into the tubular part.
  • Fit the clip for the stay between the chainstays. Do the screws & nuts up tight or you’ll have to drop the rear wheel to tighten them, once fitted.
  • Assemble the nipples that tighten the mudguard stays to the mudguard clips.

The annoying thing is that you MUST trial-fit the mudguards so  you know how much (if any) of the mudguard stays to cut off. I measured 15mm on my setup. After cutting the stays I did a loose fit.

  • Rotate the mudguard on to the bike.
  • Clip to the stay between the chainstays.
  • Put bolt through strut between seatstays. The nut for this has loc-tite of some description and finger tight is enough at this stage (which won’t be enough to keep the guard firm).
  • Put nipple pieces in the mudguard clips, push stays through bracket, nipple and into the black plastic fitting.
  • Finger-tight the nipple-nuts.
  • Put bolts through the stays and the mounting point on the bike-frame. Do hand-tight.

At this point as you tighten everything you’ll see if the mudguard begins to go off centre. I tried fine-tuning but it’s easier to tighten the main bolts which are those that connect the guard to the frame – then loosen the nipple-nuts so you can slide the guard on the stays to get a centred fit.

Edit: seems the big spike in visits was from alphainventions.com weirdness.

Mission for Mudguards: Part 3 (fitment)

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