New and improved garden beds

Today we’ve completed a new garden  & herb bed – right near the front steps for easy use. It’s bedded on stripped back lawn with lucerne and grass clippings under some cardboard to lessen kikyu breakthrough. There’ll still be kikyu breaking through on the edges but it’s unavoidable when you will not use poison. Kikyu would be the perfect food solution if it was edible for humans. It just keeps growing.

13th 015

veggies flowers 007

Our first bed was topped up to 400mm in height instead of 200mm. This will be our main veggie bed for tomatoes and other ‘soft’ plants. It receives a little less sun but I’m expecting to make a shade-screen that will be staked to lessen the sun between 11am and 3pm. The danger-time of UV.

The beds were made of mushroom compost with ‘Rooster Booster’ and top-soil conditioner, then mulched with lucerne.

A small harvest was had of potatoes, rolly-polly carrots and leeks. The celery is almost ready, too. Just near the celery the curry plant is doing well and has a good scent.

veggies flowers 014

New and improved garden beds

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