Just Doing It: Part 2

Last week I achieved my target of commuting to work on the bicycle three times in a row. Total kilometres = 201. This week I made it to four days in a row. Total kilometres = 268. I felt better at the end of this week (ending 19th Feb. 2010) than I did at the end of last week (ending 12th Feb. 2010).

Diet has had a big part in that recovery improvement. Increased intake of protein. Leading up to the week ending 12th Feb. I was mainly increasing carbohydrate intake. It helped achieve energy levels: which I interpret as the feeling like I can keep cycling. The lack of protein meant the recovery wasn’t as progressive so I felt like I could keep cycling but my effort-level was diminished. I think this ties into “lactic threshold”
or the condition where lactic acid build-up exceeds the muscles ability to flush it out and pain is produced. My “lactic threshold” is increasing.

After the increase of protein my ability recover improved very noticably. I am less sore after four days cycling (on my rest day) than I was after two days of cycling: as of 17th Feb. before I got on the bike.

So what I’m doing is working and I’ll keep doing it.

Just Doing It: Part 2

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