Big Dummy Arrival

My Surly Big Dummy arrive and it’s very nice. The good folks at Lonsdale Street Cyclery did a superb job of packing the bike: easily worth the $50 that I paid for it. The seller in Canberra was great to deal with and very accommodating. My original intention was to make a road-trip up to collect the bike and transport it back. Then my car blew its water-pump and I was without transport. Now the bike has arrived, is assembled, and a few adjustments away from being a joy to ride.

To be a bit of a trend-follower I intend to fit a Rohloff Speedhub and either trekking, or Titec Jones H-bar, handlebars. All that remains at this point is mudguards (SKS of course, 26-inch P65) and the Xtracycle wide-loaders (aka. Cargo Vans, H-racks).

Big Dummy Arrival

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