Favourite Bike Locking Method

My favourite bike locking method took my slow brain quite a while to come up with. I think it is the best way to lock up your main components. The method requires two U-shackle locks (sometimes called D-locks) such as the Abus Granit X-Plus or the Kryptonite New York Fahggetaboudit to secure the front and rear wheels to the frame and a fixed object.


Lock the front wheel through the forks and the main triangle of your frame, like so;

Lock around fork, rim and main-triangle of frame.


Put the lock through the rear wheel, around the rear frame triangle and close it over the fixed object, like so;

Lock around rim, seat-stays and the object

Sure it requires two U-locks but it will keep your wheels and frame secured. It is interesting that I’ve never seen another bike locked up like this. Perhaps I thought of something new?

Favourite Bike Locking Method

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