Big Dummy Farmers’ Market Ride

…and mini-review of Surly Big Dummy

Took the Surly Big Dummy to the farmers’ market today. Gave my wife a dink there and back. Loaded up with our weekly shop and the special shop from the supermarket (for things not at the farmers’ market; like cream). It was a nice ride, lovely weather, and lots of fun having my wife with me. She loved it and had a smile on her face all the way there and back. On the return she even rang her sister whilst I was riding.

Under load the big dummy has a little bit of tyre squirm but the deflection in the tyre shape was totally acceptable. The frame was very ridgid: never felt it flex or wobble. We did experience some chain scrape on the rear SKS fender (26-inch, 65mm width) which surprised me because the fender is cut-out to allow clearance for the chain. Will have to test if the Dremel can take off the material in an acceptable manner and correct if possible.

Next Big Dummy ride will likely be a work-commute.

Big Dummy Farmers’ Market Ride

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