STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 7

Collington Splatterov (OSS)

Entry 7

With the bandits far behind me and Jack likely realising he could have his small army track me down and kill me I make haste away from their reclaimed installation. A quiet spot in the brush allows me to check my PDA and map. The weather is turning and the sun isn’t far from the horizon. I have no idea where the time went.

Nearby is an area marked Carpark. I’m not far and am curious why a carpark warrants a mention on the map. As I crest a rise and look down on the carpark I realise that there are numerous electrical anomalies. It might be a good place to go artifact hunting. Using the Bear I get a little closer and try to pick up any signals.


It occurs to me that this is more like a construction site with the power installation right there at one end. Carpark has its name just because there’s a few wrecks. I don’t detect anything and consider it too late and therefore dangerous to hang around.


I make my way back to Yanov station and am struck by what I find a lovely view. Gunfire bursts out of the silence, scattering crows, and I see the flash of a muzzle. I head over to see if I can help and find a group of stalkers fighting snorks and hogs at the same time. They aren’t doing to well. Scared and wounded. By the time I can get a clear shot they are all down but one.


Too my right is a huge quarrying machine. It fascinates me with its immense scale. The quarry is also marked on my PDA. I see the tell-tale sign of toxic anomalies in a thin green mist on top of the water. It occurs to me that the plants seem immune to the anomalies because of the rushes growing right on them.

A stalker surprises me from behind but he’s walking oddly. First crouching then standing then crouching. He approaches the battle in this weird manner.

ss_eldinor_03-21-10_13-18-18_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-21-10_13-18-24_(jupiter)

There’s sudden automatic fire and then a hog bursts out of the scrub. I see holes all over its flanks and its bleeding down to its hooves. Three blasts of buckshot from the SPSA14 finish. I think the third might have been unnecessary and just my nerves tweaking the trigger. I pick through the remains and feel very bad for the fallen stalkers. There was little I could have done without risking hitting them with stray buckshot. I resolve to use my pistol more in such situations.

Almost back at Yanov and I see the brick tower with a hut on top of it. This structure appeals to me so I circle it taking a closer look. The door is open so I enter and climb the stairs.

ss_eldinor_03-21-10_13-07-13_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-21-10_13-22-07_(jupiter)


At the top I find a stalker looking morose. He has picked a nice place to stay. I’m about to introduce myself and he says, “I’m happy to see you but I want to be alone right now.”

ss_eldinor_03-21-10_13-22-50_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-21-10_13-23-20_(jupiter)

A man’s entitled to his privacy so I take a second glance and leave.

In Yanov I notice an interesting, if somewhat simplistic, light-hanging. Having just seen the stalker’s nice rug I’m open to seeing things of beauty again.


A quick visit to Nitro has him mention the radio parts again.

“OK. I’ll look in the morning and wait for this storm to blow over.”

He’s very excited but hides it well.


I ask him what’s wrong with his friend and he just shakes his head with closed eyes. I figure I better not push my chances.

STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 7

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