STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 8

Collington Splatterov (OSS)

Entry 8

Nitro’s task is on my mind as soon as I awake. It is 7am when I head up into Yanov. Sleeping under the station with Trapper just standing there is kind of creepy but I’ve gotten the feeling lately that he likes to make sure that people can sleep safely. His experience as a hunter makes me think that there’s few better for the job. I manage to get some coffee this morning fro Hawaiian but he does charge me a lot of money for it. It was worth it.

My planned route is to check the old rail station marked as “Sub Station” for tools on the way to the concrete plant. I head north from Yanov and within a short time I sight the station.


It start raining quite hard and I need no further prompting to get inside the building. Unfortunately there’s just piles of detritus and crumbled plaster inside. No tools.


I wait for a while. Letting the rain front ease past before setting back out into the open. A skirmish starts up to the south east so I get closer in case I can help. Some flesh and hogs are attacking some stalkers but I’m too late to put in any shots with my pistol that could help. Again I search the remains like a crow on the battlefield picking out the morsels of dropped equipment from dead hands.


When I get within sight of the concrete plant I have a feeling of excitement and hope. Excited that I made without being attacked and hope that besides the materials to indulge Nitro’s radio-technician hobby I may find tools and get a discount on his services. He charges much higher than Cardan in Zaton.

ss_eldinor_03-21-10_13-36-38_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-21-10_13-38-24_(jupiter)

I hear voices above me whilst I’m scouting the outer edges of the site. I look up and glimpse some legs. As I move about I detect anomalies with the bear but I make it to the stairs without walking into anything. The stairs go up ten flights and about 30 metres above the ground. The view should be good I keep telling myself to assuage fears that those at the top will be hostile. I’m not even to the top and I see why the stalkers may be up there. The view to the quarry is very good and that giant machine is visible.


When I make it up there a group of stalkers are just milling about on watch whilst a few sit and eat, drink, take a cigarette or rest. I chat with them but they’re a little hostile when I ask what they’re doing. I trade some gear for cash and start to plot my way into the building.

From the top I look about with my binoculars. The motion sensors pick up something in the swamp to the north of the plant. I focus and see bloodsuckers. I think Trapper mentioned that there are mutants in the swamp that have been killing stalkers. I will remember this place and use Tide to take care of the threat.


I can’t see any way up into the building. From the platform up with the stalkers a pair of pipes runs down to the plant. This will have to be it. I climb on and slowly crawl/climb down to the roof.


From there I now have a single pipe up to the roof of the building.


With only 6 meters to go I have the realisation that this is crazy. As crazy as attacking the merc’s in the waste processing station. Then I make it to the top. There’s at least three electrical anomalies here and the bear is picking up and artifact.


I don’t want to risk the electrical anomalies so one more pipe to climb.


I make it to find a ladder leading to the ground.


My laugh is so loud it startles the stalkers on the silo. To get into the building I had to get back on the roof and pick my way past the electrical anomalies. Inside I find a reel of copper wire. The bear keeps detecting an artifact but it’s moving right past me and I never see sign of it. Must be on the floor below beyond the rusted shut bars on the stairs. I give up trying to find the artifact and depart.

After I have delivered the reel to Nitro and he’s given me a lifetime discount, that makes him only 20% more expensive than Cardan after two vodkas, I decide it is time to find one of the evacuation points. It’s in a place marked as an AA complex. Again my hopes go up of finding some tools. The first thing I find there is a radar trailer: rusted out and looking pointless.


The main complex was probably little more than a bunker and workshop for missile launchers to protect the CNPP from aerial attack coming from the west. Some zombies are shuffling about. It’s so easy to think of them as non-human even though they were. From long range I kill them.


The workshop above ground has no tools. I get a bad feeling about going underground here. As I enter the bunker, past huge steel doors that are quite radioactive, four vicious little mutants charge me. The shotgun despatches them all with ease but I’m spooked and the adrenaline is flowing.

ss_eldinor_03-21-10_14-22-48_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-21-10_14-22-54_(jupiter)

From the rear of the underground part I find two things of note. A door with a security pad and a tunnel leading to the surface near an administration building. I have a few guesses at the door with the security pad but its pointless. I don’t even know how many digits to enter so I leave via the tunnel to the surface.

I carefully pick my way about the house and am startled by a low moaning mumble. A former chopper crewman is standing there babbling: zombified. The SPSA14 finishes his semblance of life. I sneak in to investigate. Still wary. I find some papers describing evacuation point under this house and the security pad number. That is good as it furthers my mission but I am even more spooked than before. I hear some heavy footsteps. I can’t make out where they come from. It sounds like from behind the house.


But I see nothing moving. I muster up my courage and circle the house to find one zombie at the same place I’d shot the other one from. Again the shotgun kills a zombie. My fear abates now that the source of those heavy footsteps is dealt with. Time to explore the tunnels.

Beneath I find a series of tunnels. The main one blocked with crates and shelving. On the other side of the blockage are more of those rat things some stalkers call “Hamsters”. I can’t see the resemblance. A grenade carefully tossed through a gap finishes of the hamsters but I hurt my ears in the process. Waiting for the ringing to disappear I can hear a strange noise. Exploring further I’m surprised by a short thick human figure in dark cloth. It is clearly not human so I throw a grenade at it. It weathers the explosion and starts trying to run out of the room but gets stuck on a metal rack. I load up the TRS301 and start shooting its legs, since that’s all I can see, until it drops from blood loss. I don’t even remember to take a picture of it. In fact I don’t remember what happened next very well at all. I climbed a ladder and ended up in the house again behind some bars where there was a lot of assault rifles in brand new condition. An entry from the co-pilot, Sokolov, was there and he’d gone to the scientists bunker with the belief no rescue mission was coming. Then an emission warning sounded so I went back down the ladder at the last minute to wait it out. Some pictures of this I did remember to take.

ss_eldinor_03-21-10_15-05-58_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-21-10_15-06-05_(jupiter)

ss_eldinor_03-21-10_15-07-01_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-21-10_15-07-47_(jupiter)

When I left the installation the ground was littered with dead things.


The scientists’ bunker was just ahead.


I think the encounter with that being was incredibly lucky for me that it got hooked up on the shelving. The zombies about the house may have been caused by it. Sokolov better have some more information.

STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 8

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