STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 11

Collington Splatterov (OSS)

Entry 11

It’s morning and I feel good. The quarry is on my mind as I prepare my gear for another day in the zone. The light of the dawn is soft and I head north-east from Yanov. There’s a collection of pipes and equipment weathering away on the north west edge of the quarry. I climb a pipe to get a view of the area then use the binoculars to look for prowling mutants.

ss_eldinor_03-23-10_21-56-04_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-23-10_21-57-03_(jupiter)

Picking my way down into the quarry I circle the huge machine. My Geiger counter starts ticking whenever I get close to it so I skirt around. I hear a voice in distress so I pick my way towards it. Green haze suggests toxic anomalies so I start throwing some bolts and make my way to a wounded stalker. He’s almost gone from this world and he tells me that Flint was with him. Once they got the artifacts Flint ran away and left this man to die. He could have been here for three days for all I know and he looks like it. He stops me from using a med-kit and makes me promise to tell Freedom what Flint did. I so promise. The poor man expires: like that last request was all that was keeping him alive.

ss_eldinor_03-23-10_22-01-14_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-23-10_22-01-27_(jupiter)

I look back at the huge machine. There’s rails and cat-walks all over it. I don’t think it will be moving again and am pretty safe not many people would explore it so it can wait while I carry out his last wish.

Back at Yanov Flint is loudly telling a tale about how he cleared out the quarry of all artifacts so don’t bother going there. A clever ploy. I call him out in front of everyone but he laughs it off. His top lip betrays his nervousness with a sheen of sweat. Frustrated that Flint didn’t admit it I call him Magpie on the off chance that he is that stalker who ran out on Gronta and his crew. Flint flinches but doesn’t admit anything. Before I leap over the table to kill him I decide to tell Freedom what happened. He sees me leave and knows that Uncle Yar and I have a good rapport.

ss_eldinor_03-23-10_22-04-55_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-23-10_22-09-04_(jupiter)

Loki is visibly angry when I tell him what Flint has done and that he’s known as Magpie back in Zaton. Loki tells me that they’ll take care of it “Freedom Style”. When I come back out to Hawaiian’s bar it’s pretty clear what’s happened. Flint is hanging his head and doesn’t know where to look. I give Vano a nod and then visit Pilot.

Back at Zaton I tell Gronta that I found Magpie. He’s very happy and gives me some stash locations. I visit Nimble and order exo-armour. He’s suitably impressed that after a week I’m buying such gear.

One of Gronta’s stash locations is out near Noah’s barge so I use the opportunity to climb up the rickety watch-tower. The view is very good and I can see in every direction quite a long way.

ss_eldinor_03-23-10_22-34-32_(zaton) ss_eldinor_03-23-10_22-34-37_(zaton)

ss_eldinor_03-23-10_22-34-43_(zaton) ss_eldinor_03-23-10_22-34-50_(zaton)

I pick up the other stashes and sell most of the gear. Seems someone has put medical supplies in my storage at Skadovsk. There’s a little note thanking me for solving the issue with Tremor kidnapping and drinking the blood of stalkers. I feel very proud. Pilot gets me back to Yanov with a few hours of light left in the day. Two Duty guys are in the bar and looking well equipped for battle. I wonder how far they’ve come.


After some food I head out to explore north of Yanov station. There’s a large structure that catches my attention so I take a closer look.


Some weird radio signals come through on my PDA.

“We’re trapped. Only three days water left.”

“Request immediate evacuation.”

Rather spooked out from the encounter I decide to avoid that place and travel south to the scientists’ bunker. They’re guarded by some rough-looking mercenaries. I speak with the stalkers at the camp fire. They tell me that the leader of the mercenaries is “Black” and he is probably named after the colour of his heart. They also ask me if I’m working for the scientists to explore the tunnel. I say I’m not but I’ll check it out.


Inside there are three scientists. Novikov who is more the engineer/technician. Ozersky the post-doctorate research scientist. They are led by Hermann the research physicist. I notice Solokov is still moping in the bunk room and Garry is… well. He’s just gone. I’m annoyed that he left and didn’t tell me the way to Pripyat. That was the deal for me giving him a Kolobok and a Meat Chunk. Potentially 20,000 worth of artifacts. I push that feeling aside as it’s useless.

I approach all the scientists. Novikov doesn’t do weapon mod’s but he does repairs and he may be able to do armour mod’s with the right information. For some cash he repairs some of my equipment.

Talking to the scientists I get the impression that Ozersky wants to move up. He never says anything to directly support that but he’s got a lot of things going on to the side. One of those is the location of a place called the “Oasis”. I’ve heard stalkers talking about it at Yanov. I agree to find it but have no idea where to look and neither does Ozersky.

STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 11

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