STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 12

Collington Splatterov (OSS)

Entry 12

The weather is clear and the scientists mission is agreed upon. They still want me to check psy-emissions from a tunnel. They never say which tunnel exactly so I’m not in a hurry to complete that one. What I aim to do now is find the crashed helicopter.


I head south towards the Jupiter plant. According to my PDA the helicopter is crashed just near there. Heading up a small hill I pass wrecked cars. Moans and garbled speech of zombies meets my ears but I avoid them. As I get closer to the site I see barbed wire and mine-field signposts.


The helicopter can wait until another time. There is too much activity and I can’t risk being charged now. A pseudo-dog attacks as I retreat from the minefield and I finish it off in a hail of buckshot. The moans of zombies attracts my attention and I investigate.

A railway tunnel leads into the hillside, almost underneath the crash-site of the helicopter, and I see a zombie in exo-skeleton armour. One headshot from Tide finishes a life that was already over.


I clear the tunnel and find someone’s stash of meds and ammo. It makes me realise that exo-armour must not have very good psy-protection: particularly if you take off the helmet. I keep note of this.

A structure nearby catches my attention. It is where I sheltered from an emission whilst waiting for the stalkers that wanted to rescue their friend from bandits. There was a bit of loot left in there when I departed so I go in to check for any remaining valuables.

The place has large ventilation tunnels that lead eastwards. I follow out of curiosity.


Each time I reach this point I realise that I’m being somehow displaced back a hundred metres. It is very disturbing. I think it had happened three times before I realise that there was an odd noise occurring. At a sub-basement I see strange sparks and test them with a bolt.

road to oasis1

I walk through and feel nothing but it is very intriguing. The corner with the light is ahead and I am displaced back to before the sub-basement. I see a second sparking field and walk through them. This time I make it past the corner with the light and see what must be the oasis.


The scientist Ozersky wanted proof so I take the glowing orb hanging from the tree. Almost instantly a pseudo-dog attacks me from behind. I finish it with Tide and its all over. I climb the ladder out of there and find myself at the top of the main ventilation shaft of the marked complex on my PDA map. When I make it back to Ozersky he is very pleased.

Enlivened, possibly from my time in the Oasis, I decide to harden up and go back to the crash site. After I’ve done that I will check Jupiter plant for the last crash-site of a Stingray helicopter from the Fairway mission. I successfully pick my way through the minefield and find one of the crew from the chopper. The helicopter holds few extra clues but a recording that the headed for the rendezvous point is interesting.


The Jupiter plant is a scary place in the dark. I am very careful, using the high-contrast sight of Tide, to scout my path and make good observations before moving to pre-decided cover.

ss_eldinor_03-25-10_20-24-19_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-25-10_20-32-39_(jupiter)


Creeping through the abandoned corridors is nerve-wracking. I find documents about a secret lab and that its evacuation is being shuffled between departments. I never thought I’d end up on a paper-chase in the Zone but here I am creeping through Jupiter plant looking for documents.


Dawn’s light starts to make it a little easier and I pass into the plant itself.

ss_eldinor_03-25-10_20-40-27_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-25-10_20-44-49_(jupiter)

ss_eldinor_03-25-10_20-44-52_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-25-10_20-45-05_(jupiter)

The way is blocked by a truck and I have to find another entrance. Further south I find the way into a workshop of sorts. Perhaps I can find some tools for Nitro or Cardan.


ss_eldinor_03-25-10_20-53-45_(jupiter) ss_eldinor_03-25-10_20-55-26_(jupiter)

My ability to move quietly must be improving because I get the drop on a pseudo-dog. Tide happily puts that obstacle out of my way. I make it to the helicopter. Again the crew seem to have tried for a rendezvous point in Pripyat.

I further explore Jupiter plant and find that there is an evacuation tunnel that has been sealed off and filled with gas. The generator looks like it might work again to open the doors but I don’t have the technical knowledge to complete this. A visit to Nitro seems apropos.

Since I’m in the plant I explore more thoroughly in the hope to find tools and maybe some more documents about these X-series labs. I scour the place and find neither. At the last room  I look in I find some information about X-8 laboratory carrying out some kind of psi-emitter experimentation. As I leave I come under fire by mercenaries. They look somewhat familiar: especially considering how much alike they look. I fight may way through 6 of them and the last one I recognise: Black from the scientist’s bunker. I’m very puzzled.


Besides the very hi-tech G37 assault rifle I retrieve from Black his PDA. A ‘client’ wants to make sure that the X-series labs remain a secret. This makes me think that the secret-arm of the military are involved. When I return to the scientist’s bunker to make sure that it was Black I am proven correct. Only the stalkers that do measurements are there. Seems the scientists are going to require new guards.

STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 12

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