STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 13

Collington Splatterov (OSS)

Entry 13

Back at Yanov I talk to Nitro about the generator in the Jupiter plant. He says,

“Sure I’ll help you but I’m not going in with just us two. It’s too dangerous. Put a squad together and we’ll have a deal.’”

“Any suggestions?”

“Try Zulu in the tower near here. He’s a capable leader and could train anyone who doesn’t have the combat experience.”

“Great: thanks.”

I’m familiar with Zulu even though he never talked to me. I would have taken over that tower of his if he wasn’t in it. Such a great spot. I head up there to talk to him about it. There’s vodka bottles all over the place and I notice that he’s a very large man. We chat and he says he’ll do it.

“Let’s drink to it.” He says.

I do and he asks me who I think could join the squad. I mention Vano. Zulu thinks that’s a great idea and will keep Vano out of trouble. We drink to Vano being out of trouble.

Who else?

How about Solokov, the chopper co-pilot?

It would be good to have a solider. We drink to Solokov.

Who else?

I’m running out of ideas at this point. How about Noah?

I’ve worked with him but he’s gone a bit nutty last I heard. If he’s okay to join up, bring him along. Let’s drink to Noah and his pseudo-dog.

Sure. I’m getting really drunk now and Zulu just gives me the 1000-yard stare.

Who else?

I don’t know. I pass out about there.

In the morning I’m sick and have to eat before I feel like I can move.


Going down the stairs is hard and I head back into Yanov to get some water and gear out of my storage box.


Vano agrees to come but needs to buy his suit back. I give him the 5000 to get him out of there and not hear his loud overly exuberant voice. I actually need a closed-cycle respiratory system suit, too. Hawaiian has a SEVA for sale but I think I’ll see Nimble and hopefully he can get me something better, like when I asked for a sniper-weapon and he brought me Tide.


I head back up the tower and make sure Vano is there. I’d hate to have to hunt him down for ripping me off but he’s there and limbering up as if we’re about to leave.

Next I go see Solokov but he doesn’t have a suit. The scientists have one but they won’t just give it to him. I talk to Ozersky and see what he wants for it. There’s some psi-emissions in a tunnel that need to be investigated. He’s mentioned this before but I didn’t want to do it. Now I’ve got a good motivation and agree. With Timko and the stalkers from out front I go to the tunnel and start the measurements.

I equip a Moonlight that I found and head into the psi-emissions. There’s electric anomalies everywhere and I pick my way through. Some good ammo is found on some shelves and that’ll help cover the cost of repairs to my exo-armour after I step in an discharge that damages the servo’s.

I find a strange artifact that is like a stack of small safety-cones. But it’s not the source of the psi-emissions. On the way out Timko and his comrades are all holding there heads and speaking gibberish. One of them starts shooting me and I return fire to stay alive. All of a sudden a controller appears and scares me almost to the point where I wet myself. I empty a full magazine into and it nearly bursts my brain. I hide behind the wall. Timko is shooting at me, too, now. I have to be careful not to shoot him. Luckily he passes out or just falls to the floor. When I come back shooting at the controller I use armour-piercing rounds and I manage to get two of them into its head. It dies and all the stalkers slowly get up with their senses. Timko is ready to go and does so straight away. We get out of the tunnel and back to the scientists’ bunker. Mission complete and Solokov heads off to Zulu’s tower with a militarised version of the scientist’s suit.


I talk to Zulu to see if we have enough but he says another pair of hands would be good – still, the decision remains mine. I take his advice and notice for the first time the huge PK machine gun on the shelf on his wall.

Who can I recruit to the squad? That remains my question as I head back to Yanov. Trapper might be a good choice. I talk to him but he’s not interested. What he needs is someone to kill a chimera at the ventilation complex. I agree, thinking it might make him change his mind, and head out straight away. I recall that there are a few platforms quite high up that I could use to take out a chimera without fear of it being able to get to me. It sunset just as I reach the ventilation complex.


With the binoculars I make a sweep of the area and then sprint to the ladder that leads to the highest platform. From up there I hear the chimera. It came in behind me and can smell my trail. I open up on it with Tide and it starts leaping at shadows. I keep shooting it and it hides behind the main ventilation structure. I have to go down to get at it. The exo-armour does its job and the small amount of extra plating makes a difference. Although it hurts me I have been much worse off in my CS3a armour with snork claws ripping me up. I swap to the SPSA14 and finish it with 8 shells of buckshot.


Trapper is very happy but still not interested in joining the squad. He gives me his pump-action shotgun but I don’t really want it. He insists so I take it anyway.


I go to sleep and then in the morning talk to Pilot. We get to Zaton in three hours and I speak to Nimble about a suit with a closed-cycle respiratory system. He can get me one for 25,000 – and we have a deal.


I do some artifact hunting to raise more cash and kill the time. In the exo-armour I feel quite safe from everything except chimera and more than two snorks. Nimble comes through with the goods and I head back to the Skadovsk. The suit is a plain SEVA. I totally wasted my time. Could have bought it from Hawaiian for the same price. At least I found some more artifacts including a Firefly: that greatly accelerates my healing. I can almost watch wounds close over when I have that in the artifact-container on my armour. Add that to my two Bubble artifacts and a Goldfish that lets me carry about another 12kilograms and I’m well set.


Back at Yanov I hear about Monolith fighters. I suddenly remember that I’ve talked to a group of Monolith fighters and that I’ve not mentioned them in this journal. Especially since I intended to get them into Yanov station so they can have some decent shelter besides that bridge over a run-through connecting two swamps.

I work the people at Yanov and eventually Freedom comes around. Having exposed Magpie and helped Uncle Yar put me in their good books enough to trust me. Strider is thankful and I ask on a whim if he’ll join my squad to head into Pripyat.


Zulu is a bit freaked out by Strider’s full Monolith armour and seems wary. Strider doesn’t give me any bad vibes. I check with Zulu about being ready and he says we’re good to go. We check out gear, tell Nitro via PDA, and head off to the Jupiter plant.

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STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 13

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