STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 14

Collington Splatterov (OSS)

Entry 14

The tunnel opens and the large doors show a dark tunnel. Instantly our detectors pickup anomalies.

Snorks leap to the attack and we have to fight them whilst picking our way through anomalies for cover. Strangely the Snorks seem unaffected by the anomalies. We battle our way through into another tunnel and Zulu falls to a leaping snork. I rush to his side but it’s too late. Strider falls almost straight after and again there’s nothing I can do for him. Vano, Solokov and I advance. A large gate is closed and just as I get it open Vano falls to another snork.


Solokov and I advance into a huge domed-roof chamber that is also a rail-turntable. It is an amazing place. There’s anomalous activity about and massive catwalks on the inside of the dome.

ss_eldinor_03-28-10_16-22-01_(jupiter_underground) ss_eldinor_03-28-10_16-22-06_(jupiter_underground) ss_eldinor_03-28-10_16-25-14_(jupiter_underground)

Solokov and I find a door at the far end and more snorks. We manage to take them out. Solokov is becoming increasingly panicked. The door needs power to open and there’s some kind of a generator back in the domed-chamber. I head back looking for a way to open up the door. Solokov hides whilst I try to find a switch. Suddenly Monolith are firing on us and Solokov is killed. I fight and run, using trains as cover, falling back to a room partially bordered by anomalies. It works and the Monolith troops seem to lose track of me. I sneak back out and pick the rest off with Tide but by the time I’ve cleaned them up I’m almost out of ammo. Luckily the last one, whom also had a Vintarez based weapon, provides some more ammo. And the door is still not open. None of the doors the Monolith troops came out of will open. I figure the control room up high must have something there.


In the overlooking room that controls the cranes I get the door open. As soon as it opens Monolith snipers shoot me and I barely make it out alive. I can hear more Monolith approaching on foot and ambush them on the stairs.


Finally I make it past the Monolith and find a drainage tunnel littered with zombies. These ones are very old and look like they’ve been that way for a long time. I hope the military never finds out how to do this to people on purpose.

 ss_eldinor_03-28-10_16-42-57_(jupiter_underground) ss_eldinor_03-28-10_16-51-27_(jupiter_underground)

Finally I find a ladder leading up.


It must be to Pripyat.


And it is, but I’m met by patrolling soldiers. Time to break out the OSS identification and in a round about way all I can really say is “Take me to your leader.” When they show me into the building I’m too tired to do much more than let them know my mission and they let me know they were on the Stingray helicopters. They need my help to push back a force of Monolith troopers situated in a hospital to the north of this laundromat they’re holed up in. I say I’ll do it but not right now. Then I head downstairs to sleep.

STALKER Call of Pripyat: Journal Entry 14

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